Boy, born 2016
Down syndrome

Listed: May 2018

Knox is an adorable little boy! He was placed in a foster family in June of 2016 and he seems to get along well with all members of the family, but is very attached to his foster mom. Knox feeds himself and sits independently. At the time Knox’s file was prepared, he could follow simple instructions and could sit, crawl, and stand independently. He claps his hands when he sees his friends coming and likes to wave goodbye too. He vocalizes and says a few simple words, such as mom and dad. Knox is described by his caretakers as active, chubby, and adaptable. He smiles when praised, likes to be held, enjoys listening to stories, and likes to ask for hugs from people who are familiar to him. We can’t wait to see this little guy continue to grow in a forever family of his own!

$2,404.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!