Boy, born 2013
Bladder exstrophy and anal atresia

Listed: April 2018

Oaklee is the cutest little boy, born in October of 2013, who is also reported to be very happy and smart. Oaklee has no intellectual or physical disabilities. He likes cartoons, musical toys, singing, dancing, and being cuddled. He likes eating chicken and noodles, but doesn’t like sweets. Oaklee’s medical needs don’t slow him down. He runs, jumps, skips, and climbs stairs. He speaks in full sentences, can converse with adults, and likes to ask questions. Oaklee was born with exstrophy of his bladder and anal atresia. Oaklee had an operation in August of 2016 and because of complications, he had another procedure in September of 2016. The surgeries he had done were not done well and part or all of his colon was removed, which has caused him to have bowel incontinence. He has a ureterostomy on the right side. Oaklee suffers frequent and severe UTI’s and is still in need of additional surgeries ASAP.

Oaklee is very smart, a charmer, talkative, and very capable. He can dress himself, feed himself, and is also able to empty his urostomy bag and seal it up again all by himself. He can be shy with strangers, but once he warms up he loves to be the center of attention and can be quite the performer. Little Flower considers his medical needs urgent and hopes a family will come forward quickly and that his adoption can be expedited. We hope to find a family for Oaklee as soon as possible so he can get home and get the procedures he so desperately needs!

The agency has video available. There is a $1,500 agency grant for Oaklee’s adoption with his current adoption agency.

$1,001.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!