Boy, born 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: April 2018

Marshall is an absolutely adorable little boy! He has the most beautiful smile and he loves to be cuddled. Marshall will shyly look at strangers when he is being held. He can hold a pencil and write lines on paper. He will point out pictures in books and turn the pages too. Marshall likes to imitate others and play with toys. He can use a spoon to eat, but sometimes needs help. He is not a picky eater and his favorite foods are meats, fish, and eggs. Marshall can understand some simple sentences and he can imitate some single syllable sounds. He can walk independently, go up and down stairs, play on a scooter, and throw a ball. Marshall’s favorite toys are balls, blocks, and toy trains. An adoptive parent who met Marshall said, “We met Marshall on one of our trips to his orphanage. He is a sweet, content little love. He was friends with my daughter and just seemed like such a happy little fella. He loves to play and dance. Love him so and praying someone will go get him!!”

Marshall has a family out there who just needs to see him! Could today be that day?

VIDEO of Marshall:

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Marshall’s adoption with his current adoption agency.

Marshall has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.

$450 is available for my adoption.