Girl, born 2012
Down syndrome

Listed: April 2018

Update & new pic from Oct 2019!

Shelbie Mae does speak, usually in short sentences (2-3 words). She attends a school for kids with special needs. Shelbie enjoys singing and dancing; she doesn’t know the lyrics but she does know the tunes. She is outgoing and active, and flexible with changes in her routine. She maintains eye contact, and likes to give hugs. Shelbie likes to play with the other kids.


Outgoing Shelby is always ready for fun! She’s always ready to join in games or music classes. Shelby was born with Down syndrome so she’s a little behind her peers in development. Shelby can run, climb stairs, and copy simple drawings. Her biggest areas of delay is in language development, but is speaking a few words and is pretty chatty. Otherwise, she has been physically healthy and rarely gets sick. Shelby is pretty self-sufficient and can dress herself- buttons and all! Shelby is curious and observant. She loves to imitate others, especially following adults in the latest dance moves.  Are you ready to practice your dance moves with Shelby?

Families qualify for a $5,000 subsidy with her current adoption agency, AND a $3,000 grant from Love Without Boundaries.

*** Shelby Mae has received an additional $5,000 Grant! ***

$1,500.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!