Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome

Listed: March 2018

Xena is known as a girl with a sweet personality who rarely cries. She likes to play in her bed with toys that make noise, listen to music, and be near and hold the hands of her caregivers. Xena can bang two blocks together, understand when others speak to her, and follow simple directions. As of March of 2018, she could sit without support, stay in a crawl position, creep on her tummy, reach for toys, and visually follow her caregivers when they moved around the room. Xena was born with Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease (Patent Ductus Arteriosus and Atrial Septal Defect), and she has had surgery (anoplasty) for anal atresia.

A July 2020 update reports:   Xena has no any intestinal problems. She doesn’t have control of her bowels. She wears diapers and she doesn’t have leaky stool. Her main foods are milk product and soft food, no hard food. She doesn’t like to chew the food. She hasn’t had any treatment or take any medication for her heart conditions. She is healthy, with no new medical conditions. She occasionally has eczema. Her development is delayed. She can’t walk or talk yet. She can crawl and walk inside her crib while holding the side of the crib. She is not willing to try to walk on her own. She will refuse to stand up when she is put on the floor. She can’t feed herself and play with wooden blocks, but she can pick up toys and put them into her mouth. She can’t communicate with others yet and can’t follow directions.
We sure hope a special family comes forward for Xena and gets her the resources she needs to thrive!

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Xena’s adoption agency is offering a grant of $1000, as well.

$5,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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