Boy: 2012

Listed: 3/2018

Special needs: spina bifida aperta-condition after surgical correction of the meningomyelocele region lumbalis; internal hydrocephalus – VP shunt installed; severe muscle hypotonia of the lower limbs; contractures of the ankle joints; lower flaccid paraplegia; convergent concomitant strabismus; esotropia and amblyopia of the right eye – glasses are prescribed and treatment is being conducted; neuro-psychological development – within the norm with regards to the expressive and receptive speech development

Pacen presents as a cheerful and calm boy who doesn’t cry without a reason. He doesn’t have any manifestations of aggressive or self-aggressive acts. Pacen uses separate words, as well as simple sentences in his communication with others. He understands when spoken to and people can have a conversation with him. Pacen uses appropriate social gestures for greeting and good-bye. 

Donations will not be accepted until a family is found.