Girl, DOB listed as 2005
Hydrocephalus – undergone surgery.

Listed: March 2018

Julie’s age was estimated.  Please check with the agency for further information.

Julie is funny and sassy. She is a friendly child and always greets visitors with a big smile and waves them over to say hello. She has good use of her hands and is able to complete tasks such as feeding herself and is working on pre-writing skills. Julie attends an on-site school where she works with her teacher on learning her English alphabet and shapes. She can count up to 5 and identifies basic colors. Julie likes to look at books and play with toys, especially baby dolls and blocks. She speaks full sentences in her native language, and speaks 70 plus English words. She understands most of what is being said to her in both English and her native language.

She is bonded to her primary caregiver and gets along with the other children. She loves to hold the babies and play with other children her age. She can sit independently and crawl. She receives physical therapy 3-4 times a week where she working on tall kneeling and strengthening her back muscles. She has recently started bearing weight on her legs during physical therapy with the help of AFOs. Julie is also in the progress of potty training and has been doing really well with this.

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