Boy, born 2007
Epilepsy, mental retardation, and Tuberous Sclerosis.

Listed: March 2018

Brady is a sweet young man that one of our Reece’s Rainbow families met when they traveled to bring their daughter home that won their hearts and they desperately want him to find his family.

Brady will be 11 years old this summer (2018). He is a bright, active young man that enjoys music. He integrates well into group life, but is eager to be adopted by a loving family and would love to have siblings. He has basic self-manage skills, gets along well with teachers, caregivers and other kids, answer questions positively at class, help teachers to tidy the classroom after class. He is willing to help younger children, he is a warm-hearted boy. He likes school. He has learned a lot including language, recognition, common sense, drawing and handcraft class, sports and heal care class, song and rhythm, social skills, labor skills, reading. He can write his name, do simple calculation and recite poems. At class, he would answer questions positively, active thinking, telling stories, singing, playing games with other kids, he can jump the farthest in standing long jump. He is willing to help teachers and classmates to do somethings, helps teachers turn off the lights, wipe the blackboard, lay the chairs on the desks, and help other kids to give out fruits and desserts.

Brady has received a $6,000 Older Child Grant.