guardianangelGirl, born 2004
HIV+, has appointments monthly at a government ART center. CD4 count is 750. Viral load is undetectable as of Feb 2018.  She started ARTs in Dec 2016. She looked very sickly when she arrived at SCH, as she hadn’t started ARTs yet, but now her face has filled out and she looks healthier.

Listed: Feb 2018

Sara has a smile that lights up any room she walks into. She has a quieter personality but enjoys joking and laughing with people she knows well. She has a best friend in her home whom she does everything with.

Sara makes friends easily, and enjoys playing games and lending a helping hand. She likes dancing, jumping on the trampoline, and singing.  Sara has a very kind heart and likes to show affection by hugging those she is close to. When she is upset she likes to cuddle up to a caregiver and hug them. Sara is so eager to learn. She loves to learn everything she can get her hands on and enjoys working on homework with caregivers. Sara speaks her native language fluently, and is learning spoken and written English and is doing well with it. She can read simple chapter books in English and is able to sound out most words she does not know. She knows multiplication facts and can add and subtract. She is an excellent student and the only thing holding her back is that she got a late start to school.

UPDATE NOV 2018:  Sara has the biggest smile. It lights up her whole face and turns her eyes to sparkly gems. She is kind and sensitive, girly and silly. She is often found whispering secrets in her foster sisters’ ears and giggling with delight. She adds joy and friendship to those around her.

Sara has many friendships with the other children in the house. She gets along very well with children both younger and older than herself. She is a good friend. She generously shares with those that she cares about. She values quality time with caregivers. She likes to verbally process and openly shares stories and daily events. Telugu is her first language and she is most comfortable praying and communicating in it but Sara can communicate well in English too; she’s able to express her emotions and functions well in daily conversation.

Sara loves dressing up in pretty frocks and jewelry. She also loves to dance and sing – especially when it is with her friends. She has a lot of joy as she embraces life. She is excited to try new experiences. Sara isn’t the life of the party but she loves to be part of the group. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything and is an active participant in all of our group activities.

Sara is developing well and progressing in her academics. Her English has been improving rapidly, her vocabulary is growing, as is her confidence. Due to a late school start she is behind in her academics. She is currently working hard at catching up and is being taught an American school curriculum. She enjoys math and science the most but she is working hard at all of the other subjects as well. Physical education has become one of the highlights of her day. She also enjoys jumping on the trampoline after school, crafts and special movie nights.

Sara constantly expresses her deep desire to a have a family of her own. She longs to belong and be loved by a family.

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