Girl, born 2007
Seizure disorder, intellectual delay

Tricia has a seizure disorder for which she is on medication. She is now seizure free. She also has intellectual delay. She can speak in short sentences in her native languate and uses some words in English. Her speech is somewhat slurred and she has difficulty with social skills, attending to tasks and conversation.

Listed: Feb 2018

Tricia is a sweet, happy girl who loves dancing, music, and jumping on the trampoline. She loves to be with her caregivers, the other girls in her home, and is very friendly with new people. She is very affectionate. She struggles with writing her alphabet and therefore does not enjoy it very much. She is interested in fashion and looking her cutest in a pretty dress with a flower in her hair. She has lots of energy to run around and jump up for a hug. She has a sweet voice and likes to show you her work. She is very motivated by adult attention and is learning boundaries with adults she doesn’t know well. She desperately asks for a family.

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