Girl, born 2015

Gracelyn is a beautiful little girl who has Down syndrome, West syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Update Oct. 2019

Diagnosis: Translocation Down syndrome; West Syndrome; Spastic CP; GERD; equinovarus foot (clubbed foot)

Gracelynn was raised by her birth family for the first year of her life. She began having seizures at the age of 6 months. She was placed in the orphanage 5 days before her first birthday. Gracelynn was placed on medication to control her seizures before arriving at the orphanage. She has been monitored by a neurologist and had check-ups every 6 months. An EEG when she was 23 months old showed no epiletic activity. Following a neurology appointment when she was 3 years old, due to the lack of seizures and seizure activity for 2 years, seizure medication was reduced. She began presenting with signs of seizures after the reduction of medication, so the medication was resumed and seizure activity stopped. No seizure activity has been observed since her medication was resumed. Gracelynn also has GERD and experiences gas pains and vomiting as a result. She’s also had several instances of pneumonia. It is possible that Gracelynn has aspiration issues, but this has not been medically diagnosed, as it is not something they typically test for in her birth country. She is being treated with medication for GERD.

Gracelynn lives in the “medical ward” section of the orphanage. This means that while her medical and therapy needs are being met, she does not have many opportunities to interact with other children or to improve developmentally. She spends a large portion of her day alone in a crib. When on her back, Gracelynn will roll onto her right side. She tries to sit up by lifting her head and her legs. She can hold her head up and she sits upright when placed in a walker or special chair. She will follow voices and objects with her eyes. She turns her head when her name is called. She will occasionally reach for toys. She eats soft mashed food from a spoon.

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