Girl: 2007

Listed: 2/2018

Diagnosis: epilepsy –

Giada has grand mal seizures (with small seizures (petit mal) or without them), unspecified; congenital malformation syndromes predominantly affecting facial appearance; genetic syndrome – chromosomopathy or monogenic syndrome; facial dysmorphism; psychological and behavioral disorders related to past trauma.  More information is available from the agency for interested parents.

Giada is on medication for her seizures.

Family history: the child’s biological mother has mental delay, epilepsy- grand mal seizures (she had Depakine during pregnancy) and cerebrovascular disease; the child’s biological father had mental delay and abused alcohol.

Giada is sociable and outgoing girl. She interacts and looks for contact with peers and adults. She is able to cooperate with other children from her class. Giada loves to draw and color, as well as to solve puzzles. She prefers to play with her peers or older children. She loves to play with children younger than her so she can take care of them. She cooperates in games.

Giada knows what adoption means and she dreams about being adopted and have a forever family of her own.

B/c we only have her file for a short time, donations will not be accepted until a family is found for her.

UPDATE: Oct. 2018:

Giada is physically well developed for her age with mild neuropsychological developmental delay. Her Epilepsy (petit mal seizures) is well managed with medication. She has a well developed fine and gross motor skills. She can read and write. She loves to paint and to play sports. She has a well-developed imagination.

She attends a public school and is doing very well there. Her dream is to become a teacher one day. Giada is not shy. She is able to communicate easily and maintain a dialogue with her classmates and adults. She has good hygiene habits.

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