Girl, born 2009

Penny appears to have a genetic syndrome – possibly Rubinstein-Taybi – but further genetic testing is required to confirm. It was also discovered in January 2016 that she is profoundly deaf. Left eye convergent strabismus, right eye dominant, wears glasses.

Listed: Feb 2018

Penny is a very joyful child who is known for her laughter and constant smile! She attends an onsite school where she is working on using picture cards to communicate and completing fine motor tasks. Penny learned how to crawl in October 2017 and crawls all around the house. She receives physical therapy 3-4 times a week and is currently pulling up into a tall kneel for several minutes at a time. Penny’s joints hyperextend and she wears leg braces when she bears weight. With her leg braces on she is currently standing up to 30 minutes at a time twice a day. When she bears weight she will attempt to take steps and would benefit from a gait trainer. Penny self feeds herself snacks and rice and is drinking from a sippy cup or open cup. She enjoys being around other children and adults and is bonded to her primary caregiver. Penny is an easygoing child who is loved by everyone who meets her!

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