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Girl, born 2004

Listed: Feb 2018

Ginger has cerebral palsy and intellectual delay. She can walk independently but is a bit wobbly on unstable surfaces. When she has her glasses on she is more stable. She is adorable, friendly, and eager to learn and explore. She is non verbal. She can say a few words that are not very clear, however those who know her know what she is saying. She knows some signs such as water, eat, bathroom. She loves to be a helper to the teachers in her onsite special class. She can identify letters and numbers 1-10 by pointing to the correct answer. She knows her English alphabet in sign language and her colors. She is currently scribbling as she has difficulty holding the pencil. She is working on tasks in school like beading, using a pincer grasp, and developing her gross motor skills such as walking in a straight line.

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