Boy, born 2007
quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy; takes medication to control seizures

Listed: Feb 2018

Daylan is a social, happy, enthusiastic, intelligent boy who loves to play with toys, other kids, and adults. He is quite communicative despite speech challenges. He appropriately and spontaneously uses modified sign language for water, eat, more, and all done. He also communicates through vocalizations, facial expressions, and gesturing. Has a customized wheelchair. He independently rolls and scoots around on the floor. He can sit independently with back support and is working on sitting independently without support. He can walk with someone holding him at his arms and can stand holding the railing for short periods of time.

Daylan is a hard-worker and very motivated to participate in activities and perform as independently as possible. He attends onsite school 5 days a week and he loves to learn. He is a joyful, amazing kid. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh by sticking out his tongue, tickling, and acting silly. He knows his colors and can point to the correct color when asked. He can identify numbers 1 to 10. He has a lot of potential to learn.

December 2018 update:
Daylan can now sit independently for a short amount of time without back support and can stand holding onto a railing for minutes at a time. He has a good understanding of the English language and can respond to many commands. He is very motivated to learn. He is able to spell his own name and can identify most letters of the alphabet by pointing when asked. He is now working on identifying the sounds of each letter and spelling other simple words. Daylan is very social and loves to meet new people. He is a happy child, always finding reasons to laugh and to make others laugh. Some of his favorite activities are going on adventures, playing on the trampoline, swimming, and learning to ride an adaptive bike. Striving to be as independent as possible, he likes to brush his own teeth, put gel in his hair, and self-feed large food items. He is an amazing kid with so much potential to grow. Video available!

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