Girl, born 2004
Visual impairment (one side anophthalmia, other eye has microphthalmia and a coloboma). Minimal vision.  Mild developmental delay. Bright, giggly, vibrant young lady.

Listed: Feb 2018

Victoria would do well in a family without younger siblings. She is quite independent despite her low vision. She attends a rehab center where she gets private tutoring. She can read large print and reads and writes at a beginner level. She can do simple addition and subtraction facts in her head. She has a lot of energy and loves socializing, and simply needs constructive outlets for her energy. She is independent with her self care. She loves to color and dance.

She enjoys being the center of attention and moves around comfortably and independently. She loves playing games outdoors, walking in the park, dancing, art, and running around. She is able to communicate at a beginner level in English, and is fluent in her native language. She brings a lot of joy to her environment, and is often spotted with a smile on her face.

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