Girl, born 2005
Mild cerebral palsy, monoplegia (only left hand affected), developmental and speech delay; seizure history

Listed: Feb 2018

Esther speaks her native language fluently and understands some English. Her sentences in both languages are not clear and she needs the support of a speech therapist. She is on medication to control seizures and is seizure free. She tends to have trouble concentrating and attending to conversation. Social skills are delayed but she is well liked by the other girls and plays nicely. She has memorized her alphabet and numbers 1 to 200. She is writing four letter words neatly. She thrives from having adult attention and asks desperately when her family is coming. She is learning appropriate boundaries with strangers and tends to request hugs from any adult.

Esther likes jumping on the trampoline, cuddling with caregivers, coloring, dancing and singing. Esther likes to be active with the other children in her house, but she also is comfortable entertaining herself with books and other quiet activities.

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