Boy, born 2013
quadriplegic cerebral palsy

Listed: January 2018

Connor is a very sweet, lovable boy! He has some spasticity and some hypotonicity. Due to dysphagia and reflux he underwent surgery for gastrostomy button placement and fundoplication. Connor loves to be held and carried and to gaze into a caregiver’s eyes. He is capable of strong bond with trusted caregiver and is calm and quiet in demeanor. He shows signs of strong preference to being with adults he has a good relationship with versus new people or visitors. He attends an onsite special education preschool five mornings per week and enjoys music and colorful toys. He can sort objects by color. He will reach out to make a selection between 2 objects. He can use an adaptive switch to operate a toy. He understands what is said to him. He responds yes and no by nods of his head. He laughs at jokes.

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