Girl, born 2005
Down Syndrome, myxomatous mitral valve, mild TR, tends to be very healthy, good tone, needs speech therapy.

Listed: January 2018

Naomi can identify colors and body parts. She can speak but her articulation is poor and speech is not very clear. She strings together 3-4 words in both English and her native language. Psychological evaluation in September 2015 reported a mild intellectual delay. She can write letters, numbers, and shapes. She comprehends reasonably well and follows simple instructions. She is independent for self care. Quiet, friendly, comical, obedient, sweet-tempered, hard-working. Naomi Has a unique fashion sense and likes to choose her own outfits.

Naomi attends on-site school. She knows all of her uppercase and lowercase letters and can write them. Her handwriting is very neat. She can copy write numbers 1-10. She is very quiet but is most talkative during games of her choosing. She is not clumsy and does well and is independent with sports/games night with activities including basketball, hula hoop, 3 legged race.

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