Girl, born 2005
Down Syndrome, myxomatous mitral valve, mild TR, tends to be very healthy, good tone, needs speech therapy.

Listed: January 2018

February 2020 Update: Naomi has mastered the entire alphabet and now helps teach her peers! She can now speak, read, and write numbers 1 to 50! She can identify most colours, birds, animals and vegetables. Naomi continues to improve her native and English language skills. In English, she has learned to read and write words starting with letters A to G, and months of the year. She is currently working on learning to write numbers 50 to 200, words starting with letters H to Z, and improving pronunciation and expanding vocabulary.

Naomi is very creative, and with her friends has made a number of wall hangings, paintings, and other decorations for the house. She has also started doing needlepoint and really seems to enjoy it!
Naomi can identify colors and body parts. She can speak but her articulation is poor and speech is not very clear. She strings together 3-4 words in both English and her native language. Psychological evaluation in September 2015 reported a mild intellectual delay. She can write letters, numbers, and shapes. She comprehends reasonably well and follows simple instructions. She is independent for self care. Quiet, friendly, comical, obedient, sweet-tempered, hard-working. Naomi has a unique fashion sense and likes to choose her own outfits.

Naomi attends on-site school. She is very quiet but is most talkative during games of her choosing. She is not clumsy and does well and is independent with sports/games night with activities including basketball, hula hoop, 3 legged race.

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