girl: 2010

Listed: Jan 2018

Diagnosis: Microcephalous; Moderate mental delays; Speech delay; Behavioral Issues

Malory is a beautiful, giggly girl who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. With a contagious smile and laughter, Malory runs, climbs and could be described as an active child.  She enjoys the extra attention she receives from her foster parents. She is physically healthy, and she eats well. Her weight and height are catching up with the standards for her age.

Malory has some developmental delays that her caregivers attribute to early neglect and lack of stimulation. She has difficulty pronouncing some words, and her learning is below the norm for her age.  Malory understands everything her elders say. She cannot talk yet, but she can pronounce separate words and sounds. She knows her name and the people’s names living around her. She plays with the other kids from the group, and she prefers more dynamic games.

Malory gets one-on-one instruction in each subject, participating in different programs – therapeutic, musical and rehabilitation.  She is much calmer then she was before, and she respects the authority of the foster family.

Additional videos are available from her agency.

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