Boy: 2012

Listed: Jan, 2018

Diagnosis: Atypical Autism; Chronic suppurative otitis media; Chronic rhinitis; Reduction of hearing;
Delays in psychomotor skills development.

Archer is  living in an Eastern European baby home. Short, smiling and calm, Archer’s main diagnosis is atypical childhood autism.  He does not speak, but he pronounces sounds and syllables, and he performs stereotypical movements. Archer loves to be alone, and her prefers angles, areas near the window, mirror or door.

Physically well-developed, Archer’s height and weight are normal for his age. He walks by himself, improving his balance. He also climbs, going up and down stairs held by a hand. He can easily open doors.

Archer eats with a spoon, drinks from a cup and goes to sleep by himself. He is not potty trained.  Archer makes short-term contacts with the children he knows by touching them with a hand or pulling their clothes gently.   He prefers to play with music toys that have buttons, which he pushes to release the music by himself.

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This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 

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