Ernie:  2003

Ernie wants to be adopted and wants to live in a family with his brother Johnny. He attends a special school for children with speech developmental problems. His educational success is at the average level. Ernie lives at the school and every other weekend he comes home to the child the care institution. At the child care home, he gets along very well with staff members as well as with children. Other children like him very much. He communicates easily, is friendly and sincere. During free time he likes to get into sports. He participates in the athletic activities. Ernie needs intensive speech therapy and special education teacher‘s services.

 Johnny: boy  2005

Johnny attends a special needs school with speech therapy. He is diagnosed with special educational needs and incapability due to an intellectual disorder and he has specific speech development due to an intellectual disorder. He has difficulty understanding time, does not work independently and has difficulty concentrating. At the care home, Johnny has good relationships with other children and he tries to follow the rules. Johnny behavior depends on his emotional state and mood. Sometimes he has anger attacks and usually when his wishes or requests are not appropriate. His hygiene skills are minimal. He needs an ongoing reminding and control. During the free time Johnny likes to play with computer and table games.

The biological mother has a mild mental disability and behavior disorder which requires attention and treatment. She is abusing alcohol and the children were left without care.

Listed: December 2017

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