Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome

Listed: December 2017

It is impossible not to smile when looking at pictures of Jenna! She has got character too! In a very recent update, Jenna’s caretakers described her as happy, outgoing, and active. Jenna was brought into care when she was almost 4 months old.

The staff gave Jenna a name representing their good wishes that she would be beautiful, optimistic, happy, and healthy. Jenna was assessed and no medical conditions were found. Jenna does have down syndrome. It is shared that Jenna is a healthy child, who rarely gets sick. At 12 months of age, she was raising her head, turning over, grasping at toys, and sitting upright with support. She enjoys watching television, and is a gregarious child. Jenna’s updated pictures and videos show that she is a very flexible little lady. Jenna would absolutely thrive with the individualized care and attention of a family!


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