Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: November 2017

UPDATE April 14 2017: According to Wyatt’s foster mom he is a sweet boy who loves helping with chores. He is curious about everything and loves to explore! His favorite things are hugs, playing with other kids, music and dancing!

Wyatt was the orphanage favorite and now he is charming his foster family!

It is no surprise that all the Nannies love Wyatt! He is social and engaging. He can’t wait to great his favorite nannies when he sees them! Wyatt is content when playing by himself, but he lights up when he has a pal to play with and he regularly seeks out other children or the Nannies to engage in a game. Wyatt was born with Down Syndrome. A few weeks ago Wyatt moved into a foster home and has settled in quickly! He loves his foster father and follows him around imitating him. Wyatt is walking, jumping and climbing stairs independently. His fine motor skills are excellent too. Wyatt is not a big talker but has a small list of words he uses clearly. He has a great memory and is learning so much!

Wyatt is an affectionate little boy. Are you ready to fill his world with love and hugs?

Families qualify for a $5,000 grant through his current agency.

$600.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!