Let me tell you a story about a little boy known as Finley. He is four years old and he has spent every one of those years living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. I remember the day his profile was first listed on Reece’s Rainbow. I was sure a baby so young would be adopted quickly. But he wasn’t. Over the years his baby photo with the little bonnet and the feeding tube snaking out of his nose was finally updated with the picture of a beautiful little boy who had learned to walk in spite of his special needs. And I thought, surely now a family will claim him. But no one did. Then one day he was joined in the orphanage by a baby brother, and I knew a family would be unable to resist such a darling duo. But they still waited. And then I heard the news that even though he was still just a little boy, he would soon be transferred to a very hard place, a very rough place, where no one cares about little boys and no one protects them. A place where if a little boy is disliked he likely won’t survive his first year there. And my heart was filled with fear for him. And even though it’s not the perfect time for our family to adopt, and even though we don’t have all of the funds to pay for another international adoption, I couldn’t stop thinking of a little boy who has waited and waited for it to be a good time for someone, anyone, to adopt him. A little boy who doesn’t have any more time to wait. And we had to move forward for this little boy because we couldn’t not. Because there is a little boy named Finley who has waited all of his life to be claimed by a family and we are finally coming. Can you please help us give Finley and Fern a family at last?

You can follow our family’s adoption on our YouTube channel Amerikrainian Tribe.

$6,735.89 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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