Boy: 2009

Vinnie is a very happy little guy who lives in Eastern Europe. He is very social and possesses basic cognitive abilities such as recognizing objects and understanding and performing simple instructions. Vinnie daily routine includes activities that are tailored to his abilities and specific health needs. Vinnie attends kindergarten and works with a resource teacher. He can hold a pencil correctly and colors when prompted.

Listed: November 2017

Vinnie appears younger than his actual age.  He is allergic to milk and yogurt. He understands he needs to wash his hands and face, and brush his teeth however, his health-hygiene habits are still developing.  He uses the toilet but needs a diaper as he does not yet inform of his physiological needs. Vinnie attempts to dress and undress himself alone but needs help form an adult. He eats independently and has a good appetite.

Vinnie actively looks for attention and physical closeness. His speech and vocabulary are developing. He follows simple instructions and maintains good eye contact. There is no evidence of significant increased impulsivity, aggression or auto-aggression. He follows verbal instructions related to everyday life, likes to listen to music and look at books. His vocabulary has significantly improved, and he says the names of everybody in his surroundings.

*** Vinnie has received an Older Child Grant of $5000!  ***




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