Girl 2007

Special needs: prematurely born in the 28th gestation week, after placental abruption; Infantile cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis – severe degree; spastic left side of the body; Glioependymal cyst of the right cerebral hemisphere- condition after surgery; Delayed neuro-psychical development; Severe mental delay; Generalized developmental delay with an active potential to make further progress and develop;

Listed: November 2017

Aria is able to walk by using a mobility aid – a walker. She can go up and down the stairs while holding onto the railings. She can maintain a sitting position while sitting on a chair, even without seat restraints.

Aria is emotionally stable and has adequate emotional responses in different situations. She enjoys being the center of attention.  Aria names animals, fruits and vegetables, counts up to 10, says the alphabet with some help from an adult, and names the children and the staff members by name.  She participates in group activities with other children. She is sensitive to the other person’s emotional state and observes his/her reactions.  Aria enjoys looking at children’s books and recognizes the familiar objects and animals on the pictures.

Area eats common food independently with a small spoon or fork.The child drinks from a cup. Due to her physical disability, she cannot bath herself independently. She goes to the toilet on her own. The child washes her hands and brushes her teeth on her own.

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