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Marty #

Boy: 2013

Special needs:Congenital malformation syndrome predominantly associated with short stature – Prader-Willi. Right-sided cryptorchidism. Delayed neuropsychological development. Treatment with growth hormones is being conducted. Allergy to Meronem.

Listed: November 2017

Marty is calm when surrounded by peers. He participates in simple games with an adult.

He sits stably and is able to take a sitting and kneeling position independently. He stands up, holding onto fixed support. He is making relatively stable, independent steps.

The child follows moving objects with his eyes, he gestures adults and reaches his hands out to them. Marty likes to be held and to cuddle.

He reaches for, grabs and examines toys. He joins play activities when cubes, balls and constructor sets are involved.

Marty pronounces vocalizations, random sounds and syllables. He would repeat the adult’s words if he wishes to. He is using non-verbal gestures – he raises and waves his hand to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” and he gives blow-kisses. He partly understands the adult’s speech at an everyday level and he reacts to the intonation of the speech. Marty distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people and situations. When feeling happy, he claps with his hands. He shows his reactions through mimics and pointing with his fingers; Marty is also able to show an adult that he wishes to be picked up and hugged.

Marty has a good appetite, but he still is a picky eater. Marty is calm while sleeping and when awake.


B/c we only have his file for a short time, we can’t accept donation until a family is found for him