Boy, born 2014
Spina bifida of lower lumbar and entire sacral region. Hydrocephalus (with VP shunt) and Chiari malformation. Had operation to release tethered spinal cord. Is catheterized.

Listed: October 2017

July 2019 update: Zack is the naughtiest and happiest boy in his home! He learned all his colours and is now learning his animals. He wants to be more independent! He can scoot backwards to get around by himself. He can make requests in both English and his local language and can translate English words to his local language for his caregiver! Zack loves his caregiver Ammama so much. He always scoots over to be near her and wants to be a part of what she is doing. One day he kept asking Ammama for a new shirt, so when she went on her monthly leave she brought him back a new blue shirt.


Zack is an adorable boy, with the most beautiful eyes! He can sit independently and feed himself. Smiley, happy guy who is well-loved by caregivers.  Easygoing and social. A sweetheart. Socially and cognitively meeting all milestones, delayed in gross motor due to disability.

We are working on putting objects in and taking out while sitting up with support. Zack’s motions are slow, but he is able to put objects in and take out with some help by adult. He can sort colours. He smiles when praised for completing task. He also kicks his legs during circle time with excitement. He independently does the motions to songs like Twinkle Twinkle and Wheels on the Bus. He can now sit independently for 25 minutes while using both hands to do activities.

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