Girl, born 2006
Craniofacial differences, skull defect with rib graft, has limited vision in right eye. Normal intellectual abilities and normal gross and fine motor abilities.

Listed: October 2017

Update January 2018:  Honor is proficient in reading and writing in English, learning simple algebra and is very self-driven in completing her school work. She is completely independent in self care. Speech is completely fluent/normal in her local language and very advanced in English. She often acts as a translator between the two languages. Her social skills are age appropriate and she has very positive relationships with the other children in her home. She has good attachments to those she is close with and is affectionate with hugs to people she loves. Her birth date was estimated when she was young, but she believes she is about 3 years older than the 2005 birth date given and she looks older than the age given. She is sensitive about her appearance and gets teased in school for the way she looks. Honor is very sociable and loves to bring her sense of humor into most of her conversations. She is positive, witty, energetic, fun-loving, a go-getter, and a hard worker. Honor is a natural born leader, gladly taking on new challenges and new opportunities whenever she is able. She likes to watch movies, jump on the trampoline, and make up games to play with the other children in her house.

*** Honor has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant ***