Girl, born 2009
Down syndrome, Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy performed in May 2014. Excellent heart echo, no longer needs follow-up. Structurally normal heart. Normal-sized cardiac chambers. No PAH/COA. Good biventricular systolic function.

Listed: October 2017

Update January 2018:  Heidi is identifying her ABCs and is able to write her alphabet. With some assistance she is able to write numbers 1 through 10. She receives tutoring from in home teachers and participates in other various learning activities at home as well as a special education class every morning at a local institute. Her speech has improved greatly, but she would benefit from speech therapy. She is verbal, but not everything is understood by those who don’t know her well. She speaks in sentences of 3-4 words in both English and Telugu, and can name caregivers and other children in the home. She uses sign language to communicate things like wanting food, water, or the bathroom. She attends the washroom independently. Heidi is observant and reserved when getting to know new people, but she does warm up to people and likes to share with her friends. She is comfortable playing independently and enjoys coloring. She loves to help around the home and can often be found cleaning or helping other kids. She has a wonderful imagination and likes to invite others to join in on her play.

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