Chance and Grace #


Family history: biological mother with moderate mental delay, neurotic  decompensation;

Chance: 2011

Special needs: 2nd degree of prematurity; Hyperkinetic disorder with disturbance of activity and attention. Mild mental delay. Delayed speech development

Chance has well-developed gross motor skills. His fine motor skills need to develop further; He very much likes listening to music and he demonstrates great interest in cars (not only car toys but real cars, too) Chance has been developing his active speech lately – he is using separate words and is forming simple sentences. Chance initiates contact and interacts well with his peers. He is not aggressive. Chance eats independently. He is also able to dress and undress independently. Chayce controls his physiological needs.

Grace: 2013

Special needs: 1st degree of prematurity; Epilepsy – grand mal; Hyperactivity syndrome; Convergent strabismus of the left eye;

the mother was HBsAg (+) during pregnancy and birth;

Grace’s gross and fine motor skills are well-developed. Her intellectual development is within the norms for her age. Grace is quite talkative and she uses many words, as well as simple and complex sentences in her speech. Grace presents as an extrovert and she tends to be a leader. Grace has formed her self-service skills. She is potty trained but she still wears diapers during the afternoon nap in the kindergarten, as well as during the night. She controls and announces her physiological needs but she sometimes wets her diaper at night.