Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: September 2017

This darling little guy loves robots and is high functioning. He has mosaic DS and was abandoned at 1 year old.

February 2019 Update: Louis’ caretakers report that Louis is introverted and obedient. He understands what adults say and has normal communication with other kids. Louis can say things like “put away the toys,” “love mama,” “go shopping,” “grandma is here,” and so on. He can follow instructions and is potty- trained. Louis’ gross and fine motor skills are good. He can pick up tiny things, scribble, and draw. He is not in kindergarten yet. Louis has been living with a foster family for two years and he is attached to his foster mother, foster grandma, and foster brother. Louis gets up at 7:30 am, has breakfast at 8:10 am, spends time drawing and playing, drinks milk at 10 am, eats lunch at 11:30 am, takes a nap around 1:00-3:00 pm, has a snack, free activities, dinner at 6:00 pm, watch TV, and goes to bed at 9:30 pm. Louis eats most foods, drinks with a sippy cup, and can feed himself with a spoon. He has not learned English. Louis likes bright colors and he likes going on the slide, playing with balls, and playing with all types of cars.

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The agency that currently has his file is offering a $1500 grant.

$15,100.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!