Boy, born 2015
Down Syndrome, Inguinal Hernia, Hydrocele

Listed: September 2017

Guy is cute as a button! This sweet boy first arrived at his institution when he was just a couple of days old. He adapted to life well – his nannies tell us he is a good eater and sleeper who grew into handsome boy quickly. Guy likes to play with toys that are brightly colored, and he is very happy watching other kiddos sing, dance, and play around him. He loves to interact with his caretakers and will babble excitedly as he plays with them! They tell us he is generally a smiley, happy boy who rarely cries.


Guy has had surgery for his hernia, and he made great improvements after he recovered from the procedure! With the help of rehabilitation therapy he learned to sit on his own, turn over, and crawl. He makes eye contact with his nannies and knows when his name is called, but he will not always respond when he hears it.

Please help Guy find his forever family!