Boy, born 2015
Down Syndrome, Heart Disease

Listed: September 2017

Little Caden has the cutest chubby cheeks! Caden likes to be active and play with toys –toys that make sounds and have bright colors are his favorite! He also likes to listen to music. His nannies tell us when he hears music he will stop playing with his toys for a minute while he attentively listens to the melody – it is very cute! Sweet Caden is very cuddly, and seems to be happiest when he is sitting in his nanny’s arms.

Caden can babble and make little ‘ah ah’ sounds, but he is not saying words yet. He can sit on his own and stand with support, and he can grasp small objects. He is participating in early education classes for infants and toddlers at his orphanage to work on strengthening some of these skills!

Could you be Caden’s forever family?

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