Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: August 2017

Update from January 2018 available! Easy-going and kind-hearted. She is well behaved and obedient. Her gross motor and find motor skills are good.

Stellah is active and has a ready smile. Her favorite foods are noodles, steamed eggs, wonton, apples, and bread. She is a good sleeper, and she is fond of listening to music. One of her favorite activities is sitting in her caregiver’s lap and listening to stories. From her last update at 14 months old, Stellah can crawl, and she can stand while holding on to a table. When she is ready to sit down, she calls out “AH!” to get her caregivers’ attention to ask for help. When Stellah sees her coming, she giggles in delight.

Stellah, at 14 months, was able to self feed and babble using several different sounds. She can obey directions, and when her caregiver says, “Stellah, give me a hug,” she will stretch her hands to be held with a smile on her face.

$27.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!