Boy: 2004

Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus; Agenesis of the corpus kalozum; Moderate to severe mental delay; Delay I the neuro-psychical development.

Listed: August 2017

Amos is a sweet young boy is suffers from Hydrocephalus, Agenesis of the corpus Kalozum, as well as a mental delay. He walks independently and can run and play with the other children. His fine motor skills are poorly developed. He doesn’t control his emotions by crying when thing don’t go his way. He enjoys the attention of others. Amos can also be impulsive and selfish by taking the other toys for himself. He communicates well and how much depends on his mood. Amos shows lots of curiosity in asking questions and participating in different sports games. He is independent in eating and personal hygiene and likes to help out with the chores. Amos is outgoing and not a shy kid. He enjoys building, play dough, and toys. He cannot read or write.

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