Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome; CHD

Listed: August 2017

Caroline is a beautiful little girl who turned four years old this summer. There is something missing though. There’s no gleam in her eyes and no smile on her face. Caroline needs a family to pour love into her and turn that sad little face into a happy one. Caroline has went through a lot without a family by her side- more than any child should have to. Caroline was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart defects – ASD, VSD, and PDA. In July of 2016, she had her ASD and VSD repaired and her PDA was closed.

Caroline is introverted, gentle, and will smile when she is feeling well. She likes listening to music. Caroline is afraid of strangers, but she does know the caretakers who take care of her and she is close with them. Caroline can sit alone and she likes sitting in the walker and moving around. She can call mom and dad and responds well to sounds around her. She is good at imitating adult’s actions and knows how to ask for objects. She can feed herself biscuits and can hold a bottle to drink milk. She is not a picky eater and her favorite foods are eggs, noodles, cakes, and steamed buns. Caroline likes when her caretakers hug and interact with her, but she doesn’t get as much attention and time to do things kids her age should be doing since she lives in a room full of children of various ages in cribs side by side. It’s our hope that she will find a family soon!

Caroline’s current agency is offering a $5000 grant towards her adoption fees.

$441.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!