Girl, born 2015

Down syndrome

Listed: August 2017

Feb 2020 Update: Ellen is a beautiful and energetic little girl with a ready smile. She likes music and playing with toys. In December of 2016, Ellen entered a foster family. Ellen likes hugging and playing interactive games with her foster mother. She is a good eater and is not picky. She also sleeps soundly. Ellen can crawl, turn over, sit, and stand while holding objects. She imitates sounds she hears and will sometimes turn back to see who is calling her name. She can use her hands to hold her milk bottle and to pick-up objects. We sure hope to find her forever family soon!

June 2018 Update: Ellen has a lively character. She likes to watch TV and she likes to clap her hands and dance to music. She knows to how say mama and baba.
Updated Measurements: Height: 77 cm, Weight: 12.5 kg, Head Circumference: 45 cm, Chest circ: 50 cm, Foot length: 11 cm   VIDEO

There is a $5,000 agency grant for Ellie’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

$95.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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