Boy, born 2015
Down syndrome

Listed: Aug 2017

Auden finally has a file, which means he finally has a chance to have a family of his own! In September of 2015, the agency posted about a little baby boy with down syndrome who we met while on an advocacy trip. His situation was very grave due to a digestion issue and staff who weren’t sure what more to do for him. They honestly weren’t sure how much time he had left. They got in touch with some wonderful people who got him into one of their healing homes. Three months later, they posted a picture of this baby they are calling Auden. The changes moved are amazing!

Auden is now two years old and not only is he adorable, but he is thriving! This cutie has an amazing story, but this is just the beginning. There just has to be an awesome family out there for this little one. Please help spread the word about him so he can soon be in the arms of his family…his forever family!

A specific agency has a $5000 adoption grant available for Auden.

$1,275.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!