Girl, born summer 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2017

Mia will turn 3 next month! Mia is described as sensitive, quiet, and affectionate; she enjoys hugging and being held by her caretaker. Her favorite toys are those that make sounds, like bells.

Mia was born with Down Syndrome and abandoned at 2 months old. The most recent information on Mia is from October, 2016. At that time she reportedly had delayed physical, intellectual, and language development. Mia could crawl, stand while holding onto a railing, walk with both hands held, and sit up on her own. She could also hold objects by herself, such as her bottle. As of October, Mia could not speak and did not respond when her name was called, though she did giggle when happy. Mia has a good appetite and is not a picky eater.

From the agency that currently has Mia’s file:  In order to help Mia find a family, we are waiving our entire agency fee. Mia’s family will be responsible for the costs of their homestudy, post-placement reports, dossier authentication, dossier log-in and translation fees, USCIS fees, orphanage donation and travel expenses. Our staff will assist Mia’s family with grant applications and fundraising. The federal Adoption Tax Credit may also be beneficial to Mia’s family.

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