Boy, born summer 2012

Down syndrome, speech delay

Listed: July 2017

Branden has bluish-green eyes and light brown hair. He is sunny, inquisitive and very active boy, who likes attention and communication. Branden was placed in an out-of-family care institution (from foster care) at the age of 3 years and 5 months. The adaptation period in the orphanage was successful, the boy was friendly and cute, the attention span was sustainable, physical development corresponded the age, language development was delayed.

Branden’s overall development progresses well, although the development of language is without change, attention span is less sustainable, he is more careless. General movements are free, the boy freely moves, runs, climbs up and down the stairs. Branden is very active and inquisitive. He shows interest in the surrounding area and events, as well as activities of adults and other children. He is friendly and builds contact gladly also with less known people. The boy is interested in toys, but often the interest is unstable, he plays a little bit and then looks for another toy. Needs to be motivated to continue and finish the started play. The boy tends to be inattentive, has unstable attention, wants to rush everything. Language development lags behind age norms and progress is very minimal. The boy responds to his name, he comprehends and reacts adequately on daily instructions. Uses few words in short form in his active speech, but in most occasions uses inarticulate exclamation sounds, vocabulary has not progressed. Passive (receptive) vocabulary is wider. Keenly observes and leafs through picture books, but he cannot show the asked object or name it himself. Self-skills well trained, independent eating and drinking, knows his cot, is able to dress himself partially, can undress, is not yet able to fasten clothes with buttons or zips, goes to toilet after reminder, sometimes goes independently.

Branden does have older siblings, but they have been legally separated by the courts.

*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through 2020, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant***

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