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Sade #

Girl: 2013

Listed: July 2017

Sade has been diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly and is currently residing in a specialized facility where she received medical care and permanent rehabilitation services. Sade enjoys interacting with adults and will communicate with them by touching their face and laughing when they tease her.  She happily observes other children at play and displays a mostly calm personality.  It has been reported that, although her movements are stereotypical, she is staring to develop control over fine motor skills and her gross motor skills are improving as well. Sade needs a family that will nurture her and help her get the ongoing care that she needs.


*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 

For more information on this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org