Boy, born 2010
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2017

January 2019 Written Update:  Emmett has lived in a foster family at for a long time. He is very used to living with a lot of little kids. He has a very good relationship with the other kids in the house. With the children with similar abilities as him, he loves to play with them and gets really happy and excited to be with them. In other environments, like school, it is apparent that he is closer to the other kids who live in his same family. With the children with more severe disabilities, he will often help his mama and is able to help take care of them.

He is outgoing and loves to smile. When he laughs we all think he is very cute. Most of the time his temper is good and he is very willing to cooperate with adults. However, he has his own personality and if a stranger pushes him to do something he is not comfortable with or difficult he can get angry. He can sometimes be impatient. Has some language delays and sometimes he can get anxious if he can’t express himself clearly. With people he knows he doesn’t lose his temper. But if a stranger forces him to do something like for example a performance he won’t be happy. He is very happy and lively most of the time. He likes to hug and kiss familiar people and hear compliments. He can walk by himself. In fact, his sport abilities are not bad. He can even help his mama push other kids on the stroller. He is pretty independent in activities of daily living. Because he has had the opportunity to go out more often, when he is outside he listens well to direction, stays close to the mama or to the teacher. He can basically cooperate, especially if it’s activities of daily life or school that he is used to. He is good at listening to his mama or teacher.  He always likes to dance and participate in performances.  VIDEOS AVAILABLE.

Emmett’s current agency is offering a $2000 grant towards his adoption!

*** Emmett is also eligible for an additional $5,000 Older Child Grant***

$16,223.38 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!




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