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Stanley and Phyllis #

Siblings: 2009, 2010Listed: 6/30/2017

 Listed: June 2017

Diagnosis: Phyllis- severe mental impairments; Atypical Autism; Severe impairment in behavior. Stanley- Congenital aortic wall stenosis, Cerebral Palsy; Atypical Autism; lower spastic paresis; severe mental delay; impairment in behavior.

Phyllis and Stanley live in Eastern Europe together. They are close in age and both suffer from similar disabilities. Phyllis and Stanley both have Atypical Autistic with severe mental and physical delays. Stanley also is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. They are completely dependent on their helpers. Stanley tends to be aggressive and does not interact with the other children. Phyllis is calm but very independent socially. She eats by herself and doesn’t interact with the other children. Both of the children cannot control their pelvic reservoirs. 


B/c we only have their files for a short time, donations will not be able to be accepted until a family is found for them.