Girl: 2006

Diagnosis: Moderate mental retardation. Spastic cerebral palsy. Congenital hydrocephalus; state after VPA. CP. Spastic quadriparesis in moderate degree with predilection in lower limbs. Vitiligo (leukoderma).

Listed: June 2017

She was born prematurely.   She is calm and positive child who likes to participate in group activities. She doesn’t  show aggression and does not isolate.  Angela Attends Special school. She does not have good coordination of her movements.  She delays in her speech development. Reciprocal speech at low level. Expressive speech – echolalia. Likes to sings children’s songs.

She serves herself with help. Feeds herself alone with spoon. Morning, daily toilet and bathing are with assistance by an adult.

Video available.

B/c we only have her file for a short time, donations will not be able to be accepted for her until a family is found.

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