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Antonio #

Boy: 2013

Special needs: prematurity (born in 36 g.w.), intrauterine hypotrophy; born with necrotizing enterocolitis and peritonitis- surgically treated with installation of ileostoma; mild degree of post-ischemic encephalopathy; periventricular leukomalacia; infantile cerebral palsy-mixed form; condition after surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis; protein-calorie malnutrition of 3rd degree; severely delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; severely delayed speech development; Memory and intellect – correspondent to severe mental delay;
Antonio enjoys receiving personal attention and being caressed by an adult. He shows preference towards some of his caregivers.

Listed: June 2017

Antonio has spent all of his life in one of the biggest orphanages in his county. He is just one of the many children there that suffer from malnutrition, hypotonia and severely delayed physical and neuropsychological development.


B/c we only have his file for a short time, donations will not be able to be received until a family is found