Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect

Listed: June 2017

UPDATE available from Feb 2019!

Stephanie is a beautiful little girl who has a close relationship with her foster mom and her early education teacher. She gets along well with her former nanny and children in the orphanage. She is willing to share food and toys with others and she always helps when another child is being bullied, as any big sister would. Stephanie is a good eater and sleeper.

Stephanie was born with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- PDA, which seems to have resolved itself. At 5 months of age, she was holding up her head, at 9 months she was crawling, at 11 months she was sitting, at 13 months she was standing with help, at 14 months she was walking with support, and at 19 months she was walking independently. Stephanie can sometimes say mom, but doesn’t really say words beyond that. She definitely knows her name and responds when called. She can also understand basic directions.

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Her current agency has a $1500 grant available.

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