Boy, born 2007
Sensitive special need

Listed: June 2017

Luke has a sensitive special need – XY46. He’s in a very poor orphanage, where adoptive families have met him.   Luke is in a very under resourced orphanage in rural China where he is not able to attend school, lacks proper nutrition, and the opportunity to play with even basic toys.

Luke is a charming boy who has a close relationship with his caregivers and is known around the orphanage for his helpfulness. He is attentive when the little ones cry, and runs errands for his caregivers when they need an extra hand. Luke likes to play games with others, especially ball games. Luke is active and extroverted. His favorite meal is egg and pork!

Luke’s development is fully age-appropriate. He will need a family who understands the complexities of his medical need and can offer him the unconditional love and support he needs to flourish. We believe Luke will thrive in the loving care of a family like yours. We’ve met him and loved hanging out with this smart little guy! Is he the child you’ve been waiting for?

*** Luke has received an Older Child Grant of $5000!
 Other Angels Older Child Grant ***