Boy, born 2009
Downs Syndrome, right cryptochordism,  inguinal hernia with  undescended testicle

Listed: May 2017

A family recently met sweet Blaine while adopting their son:  My son came home in December (2016) and talks non-stop about his friend. He talks about how this little one was nice to him, gave him food and shared his blanket, etc. He also talks about how mean the nannies are to this little boy. My son doesn’t have anything to say about anyone else there except they aren’t nice. Initially I took it with a grain of salt but there is another little girl adopted from there in the last year who has told her family the exact same thing. Can you imagine the heart on this little one? I adore him. I am more than willing to talk to anyone about him!

update: He has strong self-care skills!

Blaine is described by the other children from his SWI as sweet, kind, caring and helpful. Several children who are home now continue to speak about his kindness and hope that he finds a family soon. He is a gentle soul who is said to have “strong self-care abilities”. Everyone in his orphanage calls him, “good baby”. According to his SWI, he likes to communicate with people and is kind to people and he likes music and dancing. He is very tiny and was timid in person when several families met him. He patiently waited to see his little friend who had just been adopted. Blaine has Down syndrome, right cryptorchidism and a right inguinal hernia but is reported to be otherwise healthy. A family will be so blessed to add this treasure to their family!

$5,615.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!